Vectaire Gas Convection Oven, Bakery Depth, Energy Efficient

Vectaire HX63 Gas Convection Oven

To reduce cooking times, convection ovens rapidly move heated air over food. Four decades ago, Montague took this concept one step further and pioneered a fundamentally better convection oven with our Vectaire ovens.

Rather than conform to the industry standard of the direct-fired traditional oven design used by other manufacturers, we developed the indirect or "muffled" heating system.

Known as the "Work Horse" of the industry, Montague's Vectaire convection ovens feature a cooking chamber that is sealed off from outside air and combustion gasses. A major advantage of this design is that the flue gases wrap around the oven's chamber, rather than flow through it. Since the chamber is sealed, the large interior becomes a vast heat exchange area with none of the hot and cold spots that plague ordinary convection ovens.

Unlike the traditional method where air enters the oven constantly (taking moisture with it as it goes out), Vectaire's closed chamber retains every bit of flavor and moisture, ensuring a succulent and tasty product.

The HX63 has an innovative Heating System which incudes efficient burners and a heat exchanger, improving oven preheat and recovery perfomance by 30%, with a 10% reduced energy input.