Commercial Cooking Equipment

Knowing that our customers are the very reason our tradition continues, we listen. From listening to your needs and suggestions, while building long-term relationships, come many of our exclusive design features. We recognize that each customer's perception of quality and value is unique. Our challenge is to consistently exceed the individual expectations of today's "quality and value"… with World-Class Commercial Cooking Equipment and Service.

Today we employ the proud old traditions in new ways: staying with the classic simplicity of design, and the timeless quality of gifted craftsmanship. Our company is solely committed to building QUALITY products that provide superior reliability over our competition. This commitment means that Montague will never compromise product quality or service for cost savings. It is for this reason we are proud of being "KNOWN BY THE COMPANY WE KEEP".

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To All Our Current and Future Customers, Partners and Associates


The Montague Company is proud to announce we are once again back to full, pre-COVID-19 capabilities in all aspects of our business and are ready to serve you as of June 15, 2020.


In 163 years, we have persevered through the nation’s civil war, multiple world wars, several national economic collapses and now a second major health pandemic over the last 100 years more recently complicated by significant social unrest. This has been a time to think beyond profits and to consider why we are all here in the first place.  The Montague Company has proudly represented what America is – a land of opportunity for those that work hard and dream of a better life for themselves and those they love. A company that emphasizes people, from all of the places they originated and all of the conditions they were born into. A business founded on entrepreneurial spirit and led by Americans that have no judgement of others beyond their strength, fortitude and willingness to do what it takes to succeed with dignity, honesty and respect.


These values were established by our predecessors and carried on by each subsequent generation of Montague staff and ownership and are at the core of who we are. In times like this we reflect on just why these values matter in a world of material excess and gain and are reminded of the many lives that we impact and the trust our customers, partners and family of employees rely on to survive and thrive during their lifetimes.


To all of us present during this period of The Montague Company’s lifetime we thank you for being there for us. We will continue to work just as hard being there for you during these difficult times.


Please stay safe, be civil and make the most of every minute we are able to enjoy together in this beautiful country and the greater world as a whole.


Best regards,


Joe Deckelman

V.P. Sales and Marketing

The Montague Company

1830 Stearman Avenue

Hayward, CA 94545