Legend Charcoal Broiler

Legend Charcoal Broiler

Boost your profits with the pizzazz and flavor of true charcoal broiling! Professional chefs rely on Montague's heavy-duty French style charcoal broilers to deliver the ultimate in quality broiling. Ideally suited for high volume cooking, our charcoal broilers afford chefs a new dimension in cooking.


•Hearth made of heavy steel plate with a full 2 ½" (6.4cm) thick heat resistant refractory

• 1 ¼" (3.2cm) thick high grade refractory insulation on three sides for superior heat retention and longer equipment life

• Fire box lined with 1 ½" (3.8cm) thick

• Two position cooking grid mounted with rollers and constructed of ¾" half round wrought iron rods spaced 1" apart

• Adjustable counterbalanced hood helps minimize smoke

• Large warming shelf located directly above the hood for storage/heating plates

• Black finish with nickel plated trim


•Stainless steel finish
•Available models and sizes:

30A  30" x 36" (775mmx914mm)
31F  30" x 46" (775mmx1168mm)
37F  35-1/2" x 46" (902mmx1168mm)
43F  42" x 46" (1080mmx1168mm)