Hearthbake Pizza Oven

Hearthbake Pizza Ovens

What makes these ovens special is the fully lined interior, All models have Cordierite decks and feature firebrick lined sides, back and top to ensure consistent temperatures. However these versatile ovens are not just limited to pizzas…try baking casseroles, breads and other items with the optional firebrick or steel deck.

"We cook everything in the oven, pasta, pizza, everything, everything comes out perfect". 
-Chef Mag Santino, Head Chef at D’Amores Pizza, Tustin, CA


• Cordierite three piece deck for hearth baking
• Fire brick lined sides, back and top for heat retention, quick recovery and uniform cooking temperatures
• Oven doors feature weight counter balanced design for a tight seal
• Fire door with crumb ejector provides easy access to burners and combustion chamber
• Heat stable high temperature fiberglass insulation used throughout
• Throttling type thermostat with temperature range of 300ºF (148ºC) to 650ºF (343ºC)
• 100% safety pilot for automatic ignition and shut off in case of extinguished pilot light
• Removable cast iron burners rated at 40,000 BTUs/hr



•Single or double deck models available in three sizes
•Fire brick hearth
•Steel deck
•Down draft diverter in lieu of standard flue deflector
•Stainless steel exterior



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