Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Montague Unique?

Every piece of Montague equipment is made at our facility in Hayward, California.  We are in control of all products passing through our manufacturing lines from start to finish.  We use quality materials and engineered designs that have proven to be the most effective in the Industry.  As a Family owned, family run, 157 year old company, we are proud of our acquired experience and knowledge to make the best heavy duty cooking equipment in the industry.  Take a good look at our equipment and you will see the craftsmanship

What makes Montague so durable?

All Montague equipment is structurally sound; using ¼ Angle Iron for top and bottom, the pieces are robotically welded to form the frame of the unit. Using a robotic welder creates an even more consistent weld for durability.  The unit is then finished with 18 gauge 430 stainless steel.  The angle iron frame construction will not break down due to stress or heavy loads.  The unit will retain square and not bow at the bottom.  Compare this to other equipment with frames created using welded S.S. structure and bent metal to create their frame.