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Since 1857 the Montague Company has been known in the industry as the finest in commercial cooking equipment.  Our line of cooking suites and line ups are known as "Best in Class".  Only the best materials and components are used in building our equipment and the same high level of quality is also what we extend to our customers.  Therefore it only makes sense that we maintain the standard of hiring the best employees to continue the Montague tradition. 

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A Quality Engineer has the technical/engineering background to handle the day-to-day issues with the product quality. While mainly associated with manufacturing plant where they evaluate the quality of the processes and procedures, and the product, but they also utilize statistical techniques, and interact with engineering team, customers, and suppliers to solve quality related issues. Their work involves designing or specifying inspection and testing mechanisms and equipment; analyzing production and service limitations and standards and recommending revision of specifications when indicated. In addition, they formulate or help formulate quality policies and procedures as well as conducting training on quality concepts and tools.
Work Activities:
• Developing and implementing Quality Management systems in a manufacturing company.
• Analyzing, identifying and implementing manufacturing and/or business process improvements which will improve capability and performance.
• Creating and maintaining company documentation, such as quality manuals, and quality procedures.
• Troubleshooting problems or flaws in the products or processes.
• Meeting with members of the production team to offer recommendations and share results.
• Maintaining and controlling calibration records for all test and inspection equipment.
• Applying good manufacturing practice and observing that it is being adhered to.
• Performing tests and measurements using existing measurement equipment.
• Participating in teams to help make necessary improvements and changes to all process related issues in the production department.
Skills and Qualities:
• Ability to think logically and methodically.
• Good interpersonal skills and organizational skills.
• Negotiating, supervisory and leadership skills combined with the ability to delegate.
• Knowledge of statistical packages and Microsoft Office systems normally required.
Requirements and Qualifications:
• BS degree with a concentration in Engineering or related field

  •  5+ years related experience working in a manufacturing environment
  •  Sound mathematical and technical skills.
  •  Good investigative and problem-solving skills with excellent attention to detail.
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.