Montague Invests in Renewable Energy for Manufacturing

June 21, 2012

The Montague Company is committed to research, development, and implementation of new technologies not only for introducing new innovative products into the marketplace but also to enhance manufacturing processes to better serve our customers in constant pursuit of improving Montague quality, value, and performance of products and services while maintaining competitive price positions. Capital investment is made with a long-term vision of facility planning in preparation for the business-operating environment of the future and the growth opportunities it will bring.

Early in January 2012 Montague began a project search for an energy resource to power Montague growth the next twenty-five years. Project objectives were the following: (1) Reduce carbon footprint associated with carbon emissions from electric generation; (2) Preserve available natural resources; (3) Eliminate one-hundred percent of the current billed electric utility cost; (4) Minimize exposure to future electric utility cost projected to escalate conservatively at a rate of five and one-half percent annually; and (5) Provide system expansion capability to address additional power requirements in the future.

After an exhaustive search between fuel cell and solar technology Montague selected solar as a renewable energy source and preferred choice with overwhelming potential benefits. In partnership with Vista Solar, a subsidiary of Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc., and SunPower Corporation an agreement was reached in March for cash purchase installation of a turnkey solar photovoltaic (PV) system at a total cost of $1.62 million.





 On June 19th installation of the 377kw solar(PV) system, comprising of 1,152 solar panels arranged in five arrayswas completed and a formal request submitted to the local utility for license to operate. It is anticipated that within three weeks time the Montague solar (PV) system will commence power generation meeting over eighty-five percent of the energy needs for the Hayward, California facility while eliminating one-hundred percent of electric utility cost.