Legend Low Boy Oven


Legend Low Boy and Extra Low Boy Ovens


The Extra low boy has an even lower profile and will allow for mounting of broilers while maintaining a standard 36” working height. Both models may be stacked, the Lowboy up to two units, the Extra low boy up to three units for more oven cavities in a smaller space.


  • S/S Front and sides with remaining exterior black
  • Front vented 
  • 40,000 BTU/hr cast iron burners
  • Counterweighted door, 
  • Porcelainized steel interior,
  • Three-position rack supports with one wire pan rack 
  • Thermostat dials with temperature range from Low to 500F


  • Cast iron oven bottom
  • Casters
  • Curb Mount
  • Flex Connector Kit
  • Extra Oven racks


                   Extra Low Boy Oven

                   Low Boy Oven with S/S Top
136LB, V136LB 

                   Low Boy Standard Oven with Underfired Broiler 

                    Low Boy Convection Oven with Underfired Broiler