Technostar HD Restaurant Series Convection Oven

Technostar Convection Oven

Built for our Technostar Line, the TR85 contains our Indirect-fired muffled oven design that features a cooking chamber that is sealed off from outside air and combustion gasses. A major advantage of this design is that the flue gases wrap around the oven's chamber, rather than flow through it. Since the chamber is sealed, the large interior becomes a vast heat exchange area with none of the hot and cold spots that plague ordinary convection ovens.

Unlike the traditional method where air enters the oven constantly (taking moisture with it as it goes out), Vectaire's closed chamber retains every bit of flavor and moisture, ensuring a succulent and tasty product.

  • Standard Bakery Depth
  • Angle iron frame for durability
  • Blanket insulation for heat retention
  • Stainless Steel front, Sides and Top
  • Independent doors
  • Ball Bearing Mounted, 50/50 split solid doors