Legend Underfired Broiler

Legend Underfired Broiler

Let Montague put the ultimate sizzle in your char broiling! Our underfired broilers will liven up your entrees with distinctive char broiled markings, tempting aromas and flavorful tastes. Choose from radiant or ceramic styles in various sizes up to 72" (182.9cm) wide. Since they are available as counter, range match or freestanding units, one is sure to meet your high volume char broiling needs.


  • Powerful and efficient cast iron or stainless steel tube burners
  • Burners rated between 19,000 - 45,000 BTUs/hr, depending on the style
  • Each burner controlled by independent high temperature commercial valve
  • Each burner has constant burning pilot for automatic ignition
  • Ultra-Flow heavy-duty reversible cast iron grates are ribbed on one side with a built in grease trough for draining excess grease. The opposite side is flat for broiling fish or other light products. Either way you get an attractive char broiled marking!
  • Vertically adjustable cooking grid from flat to a 3" (7.6cm) slope for maximum grease drainage and reduced flare ups
  • Full width grease trough for quick transfer of excess grease into removable container
  • Removable full width debris screen under burners
  • Removable full width drip tray
  • Convenient temperature zones: highest temperatures in the middle, cooler temperatures in the front and outer edges ideally suited for slower cooking


  • "UFLC" Range Match Low-Profile Counter Radiant Broilers sizes 18"-72"
  • "UFLCS" Shallow Depth Low-Profile Counter Radiant Broilers sizes 18"-72"
  • "UF" range match series with cabinet base sizes 24"-72"
  • "UFS" free standing series with cabinet base sizes 24"-72"
  • "UFSC" free standing countertop series sizes 24"-72"
  • "UFSM" free standing counter series with modular stand sizes 24"-72"
  • Ceramic or radiant style broilers
  • Convenient lower rack for, browning, toasting, melting cheese or broiling seafood
  • Rear manifold
  • Seafood grate, round grate


          Radiant Style Broiler  18"-72"

                  Range Match with Cabinet Base   UF-R
                  Range Match Low Profile Counter Model   UFLC-R

          Radiant Style Broiler 24"-72"

                  Free Standing with Cabinet Base UFS-R
                  Free Standing Counter Model UFSC-R
                  Free Standing Modular Base UFSM-R


          Ceramic Stlye Underfired Broiler 24"-72"

                  Range Match With Cabinet Base UF-C
                  Free Standing with Cabinet Base UFS-C
                  Free Standing Counter Model UFSC-C
                  Free Standing Modular Base UFSM-C