Excalibur Island Cooking Suite, Double Depth

Excalibur Island Suites: Customized Solutions

With a Montague Suite, you are getting the industry's premier Legend Series Equipment along with unique design choices and intergrations which only Montague provides.

Our engineered concealed flue with the center flue plate matching the level cooking surfaces on either side of the island is unmatched in the Industry.  The design allows extreme openness and visibility for communication and passing across the width of the island while allowing proper fluing of all configured elements.  Our unique fluing also provides special consideration for the motor of convection range base ovens removing the troublesome issues of burned out motors due to overheating.

Materials include 304 stainless, 12ga tops, with option for 10 ga, various trim and accent finishes including brass, copper, and high polish stainless steel. Equipment options include pass-through cheesemelters, heated cabinets and refrigeration, broilers, fryers, just about any item can be incorporated into a design.

We take great pride in the fact that we fully assemble each and every island suite produced on our factory floor to ensure the quality, fit, and function of all components. 

For effortless installation, the suite comes with a single point connection and is ETL certified.Inaddition, an installation supervisor is sent with each suite to make certain the equipment is installed and funcitioning correctly.






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