Legend Heavy Duty Fryer

Legend Heavy Duty Fryer

Montague's heavy duty RF40 fryers perfectly compliment our Legend series heavy duty ranges. Featuring a range match design with a stainless steel frypot and a 40lb (18.2Kg) capacity, they are ideal for all purpose frying. Boasting a power rating of 110,000 BTUs/hr, they ensure quick frying and recovery times. If you need even greater frying capacity, choose the RF240 with two stainless steel frypots, 80lb (36.4Kg) capacity and 220,000 BTUs/hr cooking power. Then, don't forget the matching RD18 fryer drain cabinet for draining food.


  • Open stainless steel frypots with 40lb (18.2Kg) capacity
  • Stainless front and sides
  • Deep Cold Zone to catch crumbs and sediment from fry area
  • Nickel plated twin fry baskets with insulated handles
  • Removable stainless steel basket hangers
  • Self powered millivolt control system provides combination thermostat, gas valve, pilot gas filter and 100% safety pilot
  • Thermostat adjusts from 200° F to 375° F (93° C-190° C)
  • Separate high temperature limit control automatically shuts off gas to burners before oil temperature reaches 475° F (246° C)
  • 11" (27.9cm) high stainless steel flue riser
  • 1" (2.5cm) front drain valve with extension pipe
  • RD18 Drain Cabinet features a stainless steel holding pan with lift out screen for draining food


  • Stainless steel back
  • ¾" (1.9cm) or 1" (2.5cm) NPT rear manifold
  • S/S front manifold cap and cover

 Single Fryer RF40
Double FryerRF240
 Basket Drain Cabinet RD18