Legend Cheesemelter Broiler

Legend Cheesemelter Broilers

Using high-powered ultra efficient infrared burners, Montague cheesemelters quickly put the finishing touch on all your dishes. From hors d'oeuvers to desserts, our cheesemelters are ideal for finishing, browning, reheating, plate warming and of course, melting cheese!


  • Stainless steel front, sides, top and bottom
  • High temperature commercial valve and constant burning pilot for automatic ignition
  • Rapid Start infrared ceramic tile burner (20,000 or 32,000 BTUs/hr) with even heat distribution
  • One nickel plated shelf 13 1/8" (33.3cm) deep, width depends on size of unit
  • Four shelf positions


  • Available in the following sizes: 24" (61.0cm), 36" (91.4cm), 48" (121.9cm), 60" (152.4cm), 72" (182.9cm)
  • Three installation options: counter, wall mount or range mount.
  • Stainless steel back
  • Interconnecting gas line between range and range mounted cheesemelter